Why Plinko is the Worst Game on The Price Is Right

Last week was tough, and for no apparent reason. I was exhausted. I didn’t want to do anything. Since Hubby is in the academic field, he had a three-day weekend, and I wanted to kill him for it, because all I wanted was SLEEP. So what did I do? I took a vacation day, of course! I’m glad I’ve been saving those up for a rainy day. I needed it!

So with our three-day weekend, we had a blast. Saturday we went to a rock gym with the couple we hang out with. My arms and back are still sore, but it was great! I had never done that before, and now I’m hooked. I’m sure this will come up again in the future. Then we went over to the neighbor’s house and watched a terrible football game. Seriously? What happened to this Tebow guy I kept hearing about? After all the hype, I really thought they would rock it. Nope.

MLK Day was fun except for me breaking my hand. Ok, so it’s not TECHNICALLY broken, but it sure felt like it when it happened. Hubby and I used the day to sleep in, go for a jog, and run errands. We also needed to do a few things around the yard, since it almost flooded a week ago. There was debris piled up all over the yard, so we started raking. Then we saw there were some branches that needed trimming in the oak tree. This is the best oak you could ever ask for in your very first home, so we want it to look good and be healthy. There were some dead branches that we could reach with one of those pole-mounted saw things, so Hubby went to town cutting them out of the tree. Both branches we were going to cut were at least 6 inches wide, so they took forever to cut through. His arms got tired after the first one, so I was helping by cutting the second one out of the tree. It was a little but of a difficult position, but I didn’t want to be RIGHT under the branch in case it fell when I wasn’t ready. Little did I know that UNDER the branch would have probably been the safest place to be.

This is essentially what happened.

Plinko is the worst game on The Price Is Right

As the branch fell, it hit every branch on the way down. There was no predicting its landing pattern. I ducked, but I was still holding onto the pole-saw, so my hands were up above my head. Hubby tried to catch it, but no luck. This 5 pound branch landed straight on my hand.

I wasn't exaggerating about that 5 pounds!

What’s not fair is that this injury doesn’t look near as bad as it feels.

It looks broken, doesn't it?!

I ran into the house to put ice on it, and I was a brave little soldier in front of Hubby. I really thought it was broken! Of course it ISN’T but at first I thought it was. Hubby’s taken me to the hospital before. I really thought he was going to have to again. (That story for a later day, because I can’t find the pictures. Intrigued?!)
So now I just feel like a weakling, unable to open jars or hold heavy things in my left hand. It’s not going to make a good scar, and it only made what I’m sure is a moderate story.
Moral of the story? Well actually there are several:
Ducking helps, but doesn’t always work;
Wear gloves;
Get a ladder;
Get a professional;
Plinko is an impossible game to win; and
Be happy that you didn’t actually break it. Insurance companies and hospitals make it worth the pain to just let it heal on its own, even if that means you will be permanently disfigured.
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