Keeping Green-Compost

This is an older post that I wrote, so if you know me, (and I think you do) you will recognize what’s out of date and what isn’t. If you don’t know me, it doesn’t matter what’s out of date, does it?

Trying to save the planet is a difficult task.  I still have conversations today with people who are convinced that Climate Change is a government conspiracy, or Hippies making a mountain out of a mole hill, or a natural progression* that we should not worry about.  No offense, but I like Polar bears. I want them to still be around (and in the WILD, not only zoos) for my kids to see.  And because of this, I try to do what I can to keep the Polar bears around.

I have had a compost bin since I was little.  My parents had an awesome garden that my sister and I would help with and my parents would compost the tree leaves, kitchen scraps, and garden plants after the harvest.  They used an open-air compost so it went slow, but they didn’t really use it for the compost, they just used it to throw the kitchen scraps somewhere, mostly.

When I was in college, I was renting a house and started a rose garden. It was a beautiful rose garden that I got compliments on all the time. So, I also started composting so I didn’t have to spend all my money on garden soil. I mean, come on. I was in college. So I went to the dollar store (college student!) and bought a black rolling trash can.  I had the idea to get one with wheels so I could roll it over to wherever I needed it.  This didn’t work out the way I planned, but it was still a great compost bin. Being black, it got really hot inside the bin, and worked remarkably fast (especially for living in the desert). To turn the compost I would literally dump it out and then shovel it back into the bin.  I used the compost several times for my gardens and potted plants, and I loved it. When I moved I dumped it out into the yard to try to encourage grass growth. (My chickens had either eaten all the grass or the location of the coop caused the grass to die, so I was trying to fix it). I ended up throwing the bin away after that because the bottom had broken out, the wheels had bent and were unable to roll, and I was moving 9 hours away-I could buy another a better one).

Now, I bought a real round compost bin that I can turn relatively easily. It works pretty fast, but it probably isn’t in the best spot in the yard as it is shaded by the house for most of the day.  Years ago my husband would throw away everything and it was such a pain to teach him to recycle and compost! (Love you Honey!) Now he does a fantastic job, but I think that is just because he is so cheap frugal. (We don’t pay for garbage pickup so we either compost, recycle, or burn anything we can, and take our small amount that doesn’t qualify for any of the other categories to the gas station). 

*  Yes, I know about the many climate changes that have occurred over the thousands or millions of years that the Earth has been a planet, but I have also seen the charts that show how this climate is changing faster than the other changes have ever occurred, and the change has been correlated to an increase in human population, and therefore greenhouse gases. So there. That is my opinion. Get used to it.


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