Running for Our Lives

It’s amazing we survived last night.

While jogging through the neighborhood we were attacked!
Yes it’s true, we were attacked by….AN ADORABLE KITTEN OF DOOM!!!!


He came out of the darkness, running after us. We tried to get away, but every time we turned around, he was behind us, getting closer! We were trapped on a cul-de-sac, and when we ran back past him, he cut between my legs and tried to bring me down. But we prevailed! We have lived to tell the story of Kujo the Attack Kitten! The adorableness was almost too much to bear. He purred, he kneaded! He meowed when we ran too far away for him to catch up to us. He stalked us as far as he could, but there were too many puddles for him follow.

This is (one reason) why you keep your cats indoors! Do you KNOW how bad I wanted to take him home with me last night?! The poor kitten was so lonely. I’m sure he was a new addition to someone’s “house” (meaning yard) and he wasn’t used to it yet so he was looking for ANYONE to love him. Since my house is FULL of animals that were otherwise unwanted, Hubby couldn’t justify my giving a much better INDOOR home to this adorable baby. So in the mean time, I will love my cat twice as much, so to make up for the difference of that poor baby.

no caption required

So please, keep your cats indoors so they don’t eat every single bird, squirrel, and toad in the neighborhood or get run over or killed by a dog. And while you’re at it please spay/neuter your pets. Animal shelters all over the country are full because people don’t do this, but no one wants a litter of babies to take care of either. Preventative care, people!

Merry Christmas!

4 thoughts on “Running for Our Lives”

    1. You have no idea how many times I avoided tripping on the little guy, and once I thought I snapped him in half from him running between my feet at the last second. I was laughing so hard I was worried neighbors would come out of their houses thinking there was someone crying hysterically in the street. It’s really hard to run and laugh at the same time.

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