My New Year’s Resolution

I don’t normally set New Year’s Resolutions, but this year I think I have come up with a pretty good one: I plan to be able to run 10 miles (without dying) by May 2012. I picked May because that is the start of summer, and I plan on having a rockin’ body for summer. I put on the typical Freshman…let’s say “15”, and I have been working like crazy to get back to liking my reflection. I picked up running with Hubby and at first really hated it. We have been running hardcore for the past few months, and I have really gotten hooked on it, so I figured it was a pretty good NYR since I’m sure I can stick with it. Of course, we have had our set-backs in the past, one of which I’m sure you read about here.

When we were in college Hubby tried to get my to start running, and it was awful. We lived in the low mountains of West Texas, and it was a pain to run out there. I preferred the treadmill so I could track my progress, and NOT run up and down hills, unless I wanted to.

When we moved to Southeast Texas, where it is flat, I tried to start running again. I wasn’t very good at it, and Hubby would literally run circles around me, but at least I was being active. We lived out in the middle of no-where so the roads were ironically not safe to run on (no shoulder, and no side roads, only roads that always had one car after another on them).

11 months later we bought a house in a wonderful little neighborhood that we can run in without fearing for our lives, so we do. We have been running serioulsy for about 4 months I think, but to be honest I didn’t really pay attention to when it was. I’m just sure it was sometime around me hating how I look in the mirror, crying, and begging Hubby to be my Personal Trainer and make me hot.

So within the last week or two, I have gotten new running clothes, new running shoes that were fit to me at a running store based on my running stride, running sunglasses that won’t bounce all over my face while I’m running,  and I have ordered (but not yet received) a new running watch that tells you your distance, pace, elevation changes, and all sorts of other cool crap! I’m ready for this NYR!

I’m sure there will be updates about this that I feel are interesting enough for me to re-read later, so I will probably write about them. Especially if Kujo comes back.


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