Allergic to Exercise?

I have discovered something recently – hives will make you go temporarily insane.  Hives, in case you don’t know, look like you have goose bumps at first, but then you turn red (mostly from trying to rip your skin off) and then they swell up even further until you look like you layed down naked in a fire ant nest. That’s actually a good way to describe how bad they itch, too.

In about 5 weeks, I have had three allergic reactions while running through the neighborhood. This post is mainly just for myself, to try to establish a pattern, and figure out what the h*ll is going on.

The first time, around Mid-November, we ate one of those pre-packaged soup meals. It consisted of chunks of pork, zucchini, yellow squash, and onion. I think that’s all that was in it.
Then we went running, and I broke out in hives. First my hands started to itch, then my eyes. Then I was itching so bad I couldn’t concentrate. I ran into the house stripping down and jumping into the shower.  All the while I was freaking out, itching everywhere, swelling up, and looking like I had had a round of bad Botox injections.

The next time, I ate grilled salmon and fried zucchini, then we went running. The same symptoms occurred, but I knew what to expect, so instead of freaking out, I took 2 Benadryl, hopped in the shower, and covered myself in anti-itch stuff. The reaction was nowhere near as bad this time, so I wasn’t too concerned about it, but the next morning I made an appointment to see an allergist.

This meeting wasn’t very productive, but I thought it would be. All he told me was, “I see this all the time,” and “we will draw some blood, test it against what you ate last night, and see what happens.”

I actually got the results yesterday: nothing.

So when I broke out in hives again last night you can imagine my surprise. Before you ask any questions like, “did you change your laundry detergent?” or “did you eat something different?” or anything else, be sure that I have eliminated everything out of my everyday life that could be causing this reaction. I had Christmas dinner leftovers last night for the third day in a row.

What’s really bothering me is that we run through the neighborhood about every other day, yet the reaction does not occur every time I run. Last night the hives were pretty bad, too, which is why I consider this an adventure: Will I get hives this time? How bad will they be? Only time will tell….

So I am trying to establish a pattern and determine if it’s getting worse, if I smell anything in particular before it happens, where in the neighborhood I am when it happens, and things like that.

There is one big block in the negihborhood that we run around, and I think this is the area of the reaction. It’s not cigar smoke as far as I can tell. I’m hoping it’s just a certain blooming plant in a neighbor’s yard that I can learn the reproductive cycle of, and know when I need to take Benadryl before a run, and when I don’t have to worry about it.

So I will probably be updating this post until we figure soemthing out, or until I go insane from the itching. Whichever comes first.


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