Today I love-Garmin

I stole this idea from my friend, Kathyphantistic, but immitation is the greatest form of flattery, right?

So today I love my new Garmin GPS Watch.

Garmin 405CX GPS Running Watch

I bought a Garmin GPS watch to encourage myself to run farther and faster. This watch is amazing. I just got it, and have used it three times so far. It’s very user-friendly and quick to figure out which is great, because the first time I used it I was of course running, but it was also at night. That’s not necessarily the best time to play with electronics for the first time, but since it’s winter I get home after dark every day. I had no choice.

It comes with a heart-rate monitor that you wear across your chest while you run. This sounds uncomfortable, but you really don’t notice it. I have to kind of tuck it under my sports bra because they are kind of in the same place otherwise, and it would get pushed down. The bezel is touch-sensitive instead of having a bunch of buttons which is nice, and you can also lock the bezel in order to prevent accidental changes to the watch while you are running. What’s really cool is it saves all of your run info, and it will automatically transfer the info to your computer so you can track your progess!

It also beeps at you for every lap you make so you don’t have to keep checking it, you can just listen for it. I have it set to beep at every mile. The only down-side to the beep is it is really quiet, so while I run in a jacket this time of year, the sleeve covers the watch and I can’t hear it.

I’m not going to write a full review of the watch, but I would be happy to answer questions about it!



4 thoughts on “Today I love-Garmin”

    1. It also has a biking function, but since you don’t do that either, I would say no. I believe if you are not running or biking with this watch on, the GPS continually calls you names and tries to find a wrist belonging to Lance Armstrong or Patrick Makau. And Dad, I’m sure you already have a GPS tracking device under your skin so The Company can extract you at a moment’s notice, so I’m sure it would not be worth it to you.

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