Boats and…(ladies who make their living acting flirtatious to get what they want from men)

Alternate Title: Too many hobbies.

We went to the Boat Show on Sunday. It was my first boat show, and I was lucky enough to go with Boat Show Veterans. Unfortunately those same veterans wanted to buy a boat that costs about as much as a REALLY nice car. Or small house outside of Houston. Either way, WAY more than I would want to spend. But to each his own, right?

We (Hubby and I) spent the day walking around the boat show dreaming of the day when we can buy a yacht and sail around the world, SCUBA diving in exotic oceans and treasure hunting. (Notice I said DREAMING). Anyway, all we ended up buying was a sport life-vest for when we finally take our boat out and go skiing for the first time. We just bought our boat in November and have only been able to take it out once so far. It’s kind of eating Hubby alive that he hasn’t taken it out more.

The boat show was fun, but I was expecting more than just boats. I know how that sounds, but hear me out: I thought there were be more in the sense of boat accessories. You know, swim suits, floats, fishing gear, skis, etc. All that stuff was THERE, just not in the quantity I was hoping for. I mean, I already have a boat. It’s the accessories I was hoping for. But I did buy this for Hubby:

Yes, I bought this for my husband.

We are starting to collect signs and cover our garage with them. They started out as beer signs. I’m concerned it will turn into a Frat boy’s dream once we are done, but for now I’m pretty excited about what we have there so far.

So I mainly just walked around the Boat Show and talked to vendors about deep-sea fishing trips that I can’t afford until my Sciatic nerve was throbbing so bad we had to leave and go to a late lunch. (We attempted to go Pappasitos and figured, ‘hey, it’s 3 o’clock. We won’t have to wait at all!’  Then we go there and they said it would be a 40 minute wait. I’m sorry, but then we would have dinner. Not lunch.) Anyway….

Our hobbies are kind of starting to take over the house and I’m hoping that it doesn’t get out of hand soon. The problem is all of our hobbies are outdoor hobbies. Well, let me rephrase that: All of Hubby’s hobbies that I also enjoy are outdoors. I have indoor hobbies too, so when it’s raining and cold, I am still entertained by crocheting gifts for people. That’s right folks, hand-made gifts. They come from the heart. Enjoy them. Not so much for Hubby. He ends up going stir crazy after he has read every magazine we own and checked his email.

But, being that we live in Texas and the days are usually filled with heat, a boat was a perfect addition to our family. We also have friends and family members near several lakes so we have a free place to stay when we finally get a chance to hit the water. Of course, Texas has also been going through the 2nd worst drought in the history of time (it’s true, check it out) and several of the lakes are off-limits at the moment.


As of October 18, 2011
As of December 20, 2011
So you can tell it’s getting better (the darker areas are the driest), and hopefully we will get some more rain soon (actually it’s raining as I write this) and the lakes will fill up again. This is what Lake Travis looked like last week:
Ya, those islands are supposed to be under water.
But, as I like to do, I will leave you with something positive:
Happy Monday!

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