Sunny, High of 78, with a chance of Cold wind and rain

Last week, Hubby and I decided to take the boat out again and try our luck at fishing. Hubby and Bro-In-Law went out the weekend before, and Bro-In-Law caught 2. Hubby – 0. Needless to say, he wanted another crack at it.

So on Saturday we chencked the weather, and it was listed as Partly Cloudy, high of 78. Perfect boat weather, right?

This was our “partly cloudy” weather:

Nice and sunny, right?
Before we left the house on Sunday morning, i went outside and checked the temp. It was a muggy 70ish degrees. Perfect for shorts and and tank top, with a sweatshirt over top for the wind ont he boat, right?
Wrong. Very. Very. Wrong.
But I was a trooper. It wasn’t that bad, afterall. But of course, nature called later that morning, and it’s not quite as easy for a girl as for a guy, so we went back to the dock, and I took the truck to the gas station down the road. I was hoping they had some “support our local high school” overpriced sweatpants I could purchase to support the Fighting [insert mascot name here] at [insert local school name here] High School, but alas, all they sold at the gas station were over-priced Mexican blankets and generic Snuggies, so I was determined to jsut tough out the cold, rainy weather. I mean, the weatherman said it would clear up…he’s got to be right, right? How else could he still have a job?
Instead I found in the truck, the boat cover we stashed so it wouldn’t get wet or in the way on the boat. HAZAA!
We both fished for a while, but them I got bored and started taking pictures instead.
Hubby bundled up and fishing.
Saturday night, we only got 6 hours of sleep. I know for some poeple that’s fine, but for me, not enough sleep = just wants to curl up into a ball.
So I did.
So very warm....
While Hubby fished, I napped. This was also after I fished for a while, nothing came of it, and then we ate lunch.  And yes, I’m still wearing the boat cover.
And low and behold! When I woke up, it was warm, and the sun was coming out! Crazy weatherman. He’s got a crazy sense of humor!
But then I fell back asleep.
I really love that those 2 seats fold down into a lounge.
When I was officially awake, we hung out in that area for a while, reading and fishing some more. Hubby finished his book, so we decided to run around the lake some more.  My turn to drive!
Concentrating on not hitting anything
We ran around for a while, then noticed a lady that was in a wetsuit, meaning she was about to ski. In January. That’s dedication! I’ll wait until the sun’s out all day first, thank you very much.
While Hubby drove, I noticed a house for sale on the lake, and immediately wanted to buy it. Hubby of course, thinks it would be best if we keep the house we just bought, sicne it is about 2.5-3 hours closer to our jobs. Fuddy duddy. (I love you, honey!) Anyway, it got me planning for our future lake house on Lake Tahoe that we will get when we are rich millionaires for inventing [insert amazing idea here]. I can’t wait!
Here’s the awesome house!
Ok, bear with me. The sun was right behind the house, and we were on a moving boat. Trust me, it was beautiful.
When we were finally ready to leave the lake, it was actually FINALLY warm enough for me to take off my sweatshirt. This is what I was wearing for our “78 degree weather.”
Not wondering why I was cold anymore, are you?

So, the lesson of the day: Even if you checked the weather, bring enough clothes to survive a blizzard.


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