Today I Love – Pinterest

I recently discovered thanks to That Clever Chick (my big Sis). This is a perfect way to waste spend time looking up useful things on the interwebs all inone place.

For example: looking for tasty health food recipes? Type in Healthy in the search bar, and all sorts of pictures pop up of delicious looking food. You can click on the picture, and that will take you to a corresponding website that gives you the ingredients and directions, along with other recipes on the website.

It’s a great idea because you can categorize all the things that interest you. Remodeling your house? You can collect photos of inspirational pictures of ways to paint or decorate. Feeling crafty? Tons of craft and gift ideas await!

This morning I was checking out the Fitness category, and they have tons of motivational posters and work out tips. Needless to say, I now have enough energy to run through the current storm that is terrorizing the area at this very moment.

This is one reason why the motivational stuff works:

My feet hurt, from kicking so much ass
I don’t have an unrealistic expectation to look like a model. I know my hips are much too wide for that!
I have a very reaslistic goal, to look tight, fit, and ripped.
Not scary ripped, but real ripped.
I know I’m not going to have 2% body fat like these chicks (I’m not sponsored by health food companies and paid to take supplements[those things are EXPENSIVE!]) but damnit,
Goal Legs (Not dream legs, that implies it might not happen).

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