Still Kickin’

I have a pretty green thumb, and I’m pretty proud of it. It’s the one thing that I learned on my own and although I ask questions from time to time, I pretty much have myself (and the internet) to thank for it. I have always loved growing things, so it’s natural that I have a desk plant, right?

Ok, so this in the only picture I had, but you can still see it to the left

I inherited this plant along with a Betta fish. One of the girls in the office didn’t really want him anymore, so she gave him to me!


 I loved this little fish! And the plant is one of those ivy things in EVERY office I’ve ever been to, because they can live pretty much anywhere.

Well, a few months ago Bruce got sick, and then he got sicker, and then he got a little better, but then he died.

So, because it was depressing to look at an empty fish bowl, I traded my bowl out for a vase to put my plant in. Let’s call the plant Roger.


I almost killed Roger.

See, I like to put Sweet-N-Low in my water, because it gives it flavor, and makes me actually want to drink it because it tastes good, not because I HAVE TO. I never drink enough water.

But one day, I saw that Roger was going a little dry, so before I left for the end of the day, I emptied my water-glass into the vase and didn’t think anything of it. A few days later I noticed Roger was a little yellow. And then started dropping leaves. And withering. I was devastated! Just devastated! Devastated was the only way to describe just how…devastated I was! (Anyone who can name that quote gets a gold star!) First Bruce, now Roger?! What have I done? How did I not think about the Sweet-N-Low?

What happens is, Sweet-N-Low promotes fungal growth. So since the water sat there for days (Roger is just in a glass vase with water, no soil) there developed a fungus amungus. When I realized what was wrong, I took the plant into the bathroom, washed out the roots, cut off the dead ones, and put fresh water in the vase. Too late. Roger continued to wither away.

The only part that still looked healthy was the very end. Now, when I say the very end, it’s because Roger had been about 4 feet long! I really wish I had a picture! This plant went from my desk, up to my little cubby-thing where I have all my pictures, looped around my desk name-tag, and then came back down, almost touching my desk again. So the only part that I could save was the very end. I cut it, instantly put it into fresh water, and hoped for the best.

And now look!

A New Leaf!!!

And what else???


 So even after I almost poisoned Roger, he continues to thrive! This was the best part of my day today :)Happy Friday!


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