Mud Pies

Today I got to make mud pies! Do you know how long it’s been since I did that? It’s got to have been around 15 5 years!

See, for my job I get to (on rare occasions) test soil that is suspected of being contaminated with hazardous substances (i.e. toxic waste!)

This is actually what I think of as the fun part of my job. So of course, I don’t get to do it that often. But soon that should change! As I gain experience, hopefully soon I can do bigger and grosser projects! Yes, that is really what I hope for. Grossness.

I have never liked sitting in front of a computer all day. When I was in grad school I would go outside and study on the benches in the shade. And then take a nap. I loved my school. I could sleep out in the middle of campus and not worry about being violated or robbed! But I digress…

My job has some nice perks, but I’m in front of the computer all the time, and rarely get to see the sun. Seriously. Winter sucks, because it’s dark when I get to work, and dark when I leave. I can’t wait til the time change!

So on the few days I get to be outside, it’s much appreciated. And, did I mention, I got to make mud pies?

See, when we are checking the ground for toxic waste (ok, it’s not really called that in the “industry” but it’s more fun) we take soil samples. And have to jam dirt into jars, and take up as much space within the jar as possible, attempting to keep out all the air/free space. This sounds easy, until you get into areas like San Antonio, where I have seen the hardest clays imaginable. And you have to use your fingers. I must not be describing this very well, because even as I re-read it, it doesn’t sound that bad. But believe me, my thumb, forefinger, and middle finger are freakin’ sore! And I didn’t even hit that hard of clay today! But we did hit a very silty sand today that was soaking wet.

It was just like when you were a kid, and your dad (if he was like mine), ordered a truck load of fill dirt, and didn’t do anything with it until the Home Owners Association wrote you an angry letter about it looking “unappealing” on the driveway. And then he still didn’t do anything with it, because by that time it had rained, and the dirt was running down the driveway. But as a kid, you HAVE to make mud pies! You get a big handful of dirt/mud, put it on the driveway, and pat it into a perfect circular convex shape. (I’m sure my mom has pictures of me and Big Sis doing this, while it was still raining. And lightning.)

So this is how I felt today. (Not that dirty, but I was almost that excited!)

“Can I come inside and watch TV now?”
It was a beautiful morning to be outside, and I’m truly thankful that I have a job that lets me out of the cave every once in a while.



4 thoughts on “Mud Pies”

  1. Who is the girl in the photo? soooooo Many people have been claiming that is JonBenet Ramsey. Is it or not? Even CBC has been saying that is her without Makeup and Dresses. JonBenet just being the child she was. I’m confused now though.. Is it her or not!?

    1. I would doubt it is her simply because she died almost 20 years ago, and that photo doesn’t look 20 years old. I didn’t really think this was a famous enough picture to have people talking about who the little girl is? I just thought it was a cute picture of a little girl, and since I for some reason don’t have any pictures of me playing in the mud when I was that age, I bought it was a good pic to use. So my vote is no, it’s not JonBenet Ramsey.

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