Odd Dogs

Shiner has never been what you would call a “gifted” dog. When I got him I was 17 years old and he was a stray puppy that someone had brought into the vet clinic I worked at.

He was adorable. And happy. And not real bright.

He's the one on the right. So happy!

But why do I want a smart dog? I have a smart dog now, and all he does is get into trouble. I prefer stupid dogs over dogs that can think for themselves.

Years ago I got a picture of Shiner sleeping.

Super Dog protecting his family from intruders
I thought this was the weirdest way I had ever seen a dog sleep. It might be a tie between Shiner and Hondo though. Hondo would sleep under the bed. It was hilarious because you could hear him on the wooden floor struggling to get out from under the bed to greet you at the door.  And then struggling again to get back underneath.  It was like his little cave. Granted, Shiner would sleep under the bed if he was small enough, but being a big dog he would just have to settle for sleeping with his head under the bed. I wish I had pictures.
When we got one of those platform-type beds from Wal-Mart (be nice, we were poor college students) there was no room for Hondo to sleep under it.
He was devastated. He didn’t know what to do. He would walk around, try to go behind the bed, walk around some more, and then he though, “if I just sidle up to the bed in the right way, maybe I can get under there,” so he would lay on his shoulder, and then realize he still couldn’t fit. Poor guy. I felt a little bad laughing at his pain.
Now that we have bought a house and have a real bed (i.e. not made out of particle board) Hondo doesn’t care about trying to get under it anymore. Now he has a cave made out of my night stand and dresser.
Hondo's cave
Shiner also has a cave.
Shiner's secret hiding spot
Yep, Shiner sleeps under the canoe. And yes, we are a little bit redneck so my dogs chew deer antlers for fun. Now, the first time I saw Shiner sleeping under there he scared the ba-Jesus out of me, because it’s right next to the compost bin. I went out to put stuff into the compost, and heard movement behind me. I jumped out of my skin, turned around, and saw Shiner. I shouldn’t be surprised I guess. I’ve always known he liked “caves.” The same thing happened to Hubby though. He went out there and all of a sudden saw movement out of the corner of his eye. He may or may not have screamed like a little girl.
A few nights ago both of the dogs were sleeping oddly, so I was inclined to capture the moments.
Again, my protector
I’m sure he sleeps in front of doors because there is a draft that he likes to lay by, but that doesn’t explain the position he’s in.
No matter how big of a dog bed he has, he's always hanging off of it.
Hondo’s favorite sleeping spots:
  • my side of the bed (as soon as I get out of bed first thing in the morning, or even in the middle of the night)
  • my recliner
  • between my night stand and my dresser
  • spooning with Hubby on the bed and taking up as much room as a person in an attempt to knock me off the bed
  • the couch
Shiner’s favorite sleeping spots:
  • under the canoe
  • against the front door on his back
  • in the mud
  • anywhere Hondo will generally leave him alone
So I guess it doesn’t matter if you have a smart dog or a stupid dog. They will always make you laugh about their sleeping choices.

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