Home Improvements #1


Our house didn’t have much we wanted to change when we bought it, which is always great. We did some painting but not much else on the inside, and we are working on the yard situation this Spring.

I was trying to clean up with Guest Bathroom a couple of weeks ago, when I was finally bothered by something. There is this material you can put over the glass in windows that is very opaque, and you can get different patterns, (i.e. smoky, frosted, etc.) to allow light into the room, but prevent people from seeing in. This stuff is great for bathroom windows. I had never heard of it before until I was in college. In this old house we were renting, there was a relatively large window in the bathroom. In the shower. From about mid-rib up. And we lived on the main street. Not really something I want everyone in town to see. So we did the classy college-student thing, and duct-taped a black trash bag up in the window. Nice, right? We kept it like that for a while, until my boss and friend, Moxie, gave me this contact paper-like material. It was great! It was blue and looked like water spots, but still allowed light into the room. The difference was amazing.

So when we bought our house I saw that a similar paper was used in the Guest Bathroom window. However, because that window is exposed to the southern sun, it gets very warm, and the contact paper stuff began to peel off. What was their solution? Scotch tape of course! That’s what was bothering me.

This is what it looked like after I got it off the window. It looks like butcher paper : /


It was peeling up and taped down, and just looked gross. I wasn’t going to just take it down and not replace it with something, so I thought, ‘what would That Clever Chick do?’ I went to Hobby Lobby and got some glass froster!

What you need: this little package came with everything you need, but I was pleased to notice that the little application sponge was just the same as my makeup sponge things, so I have a bunch of them in case I needed more. I think I ended up using one additional one, because the one thing I didn’t do was clean out the window track at the bottom of the window. Just like all windows, it had a nice collection of dead bugs that you don’t see until you are trying to paint a window, and then the dead bugs get pulled into the paint. Lovely. So if you do this, make sure you do that first!

Before. Notice my neighbor's house is clearly visible. Not cool.

First you have to make sure the window is REALLY clean. Now, I didn’t buy the glass etching acid stuff. That was some hardcore chemical I didn’t feel like being in a confined space with. And the stuff I bought was a LOT cheaper. My mantra!

After the first coat

So all you have to do is put one layer of the gloss on the window in a pattern you prefer, wait an hour, and then apply another coat. I think you can put up to 4 coats on it. I did 3. I’m not super artistic, so I did swirls. I figured it would break up the sillouette even more, just in case it wasn’t as glossy as I had planned.

The Window: The final product, after 3 layers of gloss.

I’m sure my sister, The Clever Chick, would have come up with a much better way to do this, and it would have looked amazing if she did it, but she lives a few hours away, and I did this in one afternoon, so I’m happy with it. Next I’m planning on potting a couple orchids to put into the window, but I might wait until we plan of having guests again, so they will be sure to bloom for them and get the full effect. If you do something like this, let me know how it goes!


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