Casualties of Spring

I have already witnessed my first Spring Casualty. It was heartreaking – a toad that got run over in my driveway. By me. (Don’t worry, I didn’t take pictures). It was terrible! I love those little guys. I mean, my primary concern now is running at night because of the toads. I’m seriously considering running with a flash light, but can’t think of a confortable way to wear/hold it. Even last night while Hubby was driving through our neighborhood, I flinched, kind of half-shriek/gasped, and for all Hubby knew, there was now a small child under his tire. He slammed on the breaks, asked me what was wrong, and then I said, “you just ran over a toad.”  His response, “you know, that’s the sound you make if there is a dog or something running out in front of me.”

Last year was one of the driest years on record for Texas. So far this year, we have almost doubled the amount of rain in three months that we got all of last year. What does that mean? Bugs are getting an early start. There are already June bugs! If you have not experienced June bugs, this may give you nightmares. You can’t leave your porch light on at night because if you try to go out the door, you will be dodging those little bastards like you’re in a live ammo simulation. If one lands on you, good luck trying to pry that little sucker off – their legs are made of Adamantium and they have a crocodile grip on anything they touch.  The only saving grace is when they land on their back, they are pretty much helpless.

But that’s when the Mosquito Hawks show up.  With their long skinny legs, they gently bounce-fly along any surface, not appearing to do much of anything except become entertainment for house cats and helplessly land in the dogs’ water bowl, never to fly again.

However, Hubby and I did attempt a rescue mission for about 20+ moth eggs.  Hubby was walking out to his truck in the morning, and saw a beautiful Polyphemus moth on his tire.  She was laying eggs. On his tire. So as carefully as possible, I got her off the tire and put her on the ground out of the way so she wouldn’t go squish when we left for work. I thien carefully got the eggs off of the tire, and put them into a jar. I’m not sure if they will hatch or not, but who knows?!  I’ll try to do a little research to see if there is anything I need to be doing, but I’m HOPING we saved a lot of lives.

It's amazing how big these guys are when the eggs are about the size of Dippin' Dot.

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