Spring Hard: With a Vengence

After my three near-brushes with death on Saturday, we decided to take the boat out for a beautiful day on the lake. It seems my curse has been lifted! We had gorgeous weather all day.

Driving out in the Open, with Trixie along for the ride.

The original plan was to knee-board and tube all day. The water was a little chilly still, so we ended up inflating the giant tube we have, and just hanging out on it all day.

Eating strawberries, enjoying the sun.

It was fantastic. Such a lazy Sunday afternoon. We even got to see not only an adult Bald Eagle fly with a juvenile flying with it, but then the juvenile flew back over past use, and DOVE INTO THE WATER. He came up empty, but it was so cool! Then he went and landed in a nearby tree so we could watch him for a while.

Driving around the lake, we went under a couple bridges and power lines, when I saw a huge nest in a fork of the power line. I thought it was another eagle nest, but it was in fact utilized by a family of Osprey! We killed the engine and heard the Osprey adult quietly chirping, or screeching, or whatever you call a small vocalization from a big bird. We left the area, but when we came back, we came up on the other side of the nest and got to see either the other adult or a juvenile (They were really high up) flapping it’s wings in the nest, while the adult stood by to defend the nest.

The Osprey Family (One of the adults on the line, and either an adult or juvenile in the nest)

Now, the reason this is Spring Hard: With a Vengence, is that after we spent the whole day with the unbelievable appreciation for the fact that we live in a climate where we have the ability to go to the lake in March and April in a swim suit and not freeze to death, we realized how burnt we actually got. Told you Spring was short.

now, Trixie is extremely pale, so she got the worst of it. I, on the other hand, thought I was only tanning because I didn’t get that usual bacon smell and sizzle that comes with burns. Instead I was confortable and cool all day. Much to my surprise, my chest and shoulders are incredibly pink. And itchy. As much as I love her, nature fights dirty. Tiny mosquitoes, terrible roaches, venomous snakes, and even after you beat all of those, she still has the sun to beat you into submission.

She may have won the battle, but I will win the…next battle.


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