How Well He Knows Me

I just have to open up with this: I married a great man. He tends to spoil me, he cooks, and he’s pretty tidy.  But for some reason on Friday, he went over the top, so I have to brag about him for a minute.

On Fridays, Hubby only works half days normally, but last Friday was Good Friday, so he had the day off completely.  He was helping our neighbor plant some trees in his yard, and they were planning on going to lunch in town somewhere. However, Hubby snuck up to my office and lunch with us instead! What a nice surprise! That totally made my day. However, when I got home that afternoon, I had another surprise waiting for me:

Hubby got me a lawn! And not only did he get me a lawn, but IT WAS A FREE LAWN. Boom.

Since he was helping our neighbor plant trees, there was a bunch of left-over dirt from the ground where a tree now stood. So they took the extra dirt to his parents’ house to dump and he had a whole pallet of sod in the yard, left over from a job he did. 

So we were told to water the crap out of it, until the grass learns how to swim or grows roots. Whichever happens first. It’s already starting to turn green, too!

This was a great surprise, considering my yard did look like this:

Best. Husband. Ever.


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