My Entertaining Hubby Reblog

My sister, That Clever Chick, has a super awesome blog that teaches you recipes, crafts, and drinking games. Here, she has taken someone else’s joke and made it funnier. Check it out! And follow her. It’s much easier to follow her over the interwebs than in real life.

My Attempts at Cleverness

I follow George Takei on Facebook. Yes, the Star Trek George Takei. He is absolutely hilarious, and posts ridiculous stuff all the time. Awhile back he posted this:

Hubby found this to be hilarious, so he reposted it on his wall. I, of course, could not let my honor be impinged in such a way, so I posted a response. It’s not that polished, but I think you get the idea:

There you go, sweetie. Fixed that for you!


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