My New Photo Home

My New Photo Home

Today I started a new Flickr Homepage.  This is where I’m going to start storing all of my photos that don’t necessarily need a blog post or there were WAY TO MANY to include in one post, but I thought were too great (in one way or another) to just forget about. Since I got a new camera for myself last year for Christmas, and since I bought myself some new camera lenses as a Labor Day present to myself (you don’t buy yourself Labor Day presents?!), I hope to fill this homepage with beautiful photos that everyone will love to see. Also sometime soon, I hope to be getting the new Adobe Photoshop program, along with a new computer. The plan is to be able to dive much deeper into this photography thing. There is nothing on the Homepage yet, but stay tuned! I will probably be blogging more soon too, and with that I plan on saying, “hey, if you are still interested in my photos after you read about [insert awesome adventure story here] then check out the new homepage full of beauty and wonder here“.

Sound good? Are you waiting at the edge of your seat for more?! Maybe next week things will start to heat up….just sayin’…


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