Console Table DIY (sort of)

I know it’s been a long time since I wrote anything, but honestly, you aren’t missing out. Pretty much every weekend has consisted of either going to the lake or rainy indoor nothingness. However, over the summer (maybe last summer honestly, it was a long time ago) I collected a bunch of driftwood boards from Lake Livingston. They had been part of someone’s boat house or dock that had gotten destroyed, probably in Hurricane Ike in 2008, and they ended up on Pine Island. Well, these boards were WAY TOO GOOD to just let them rot so I gave them a new home in my garage, waiting for the perfect project to come along. I mean, think of all the energy that went into making these perfect boards? They were once a huge tree that had to be cut down, cut to size, honed, trucked around the country, trucked to a house, and then cut again and nailed into place. Only to be ripped apart in a hurricane.

This timber has a new life (Sorry for the out of focus Instagram photo)
This timber has a new life! (Sorry for the out of focus Instagram photo)

So Hubby graciously let me fill the boat with dirty, muddy wood and then it sat in the garage for a while. Until we got this guy.


This is Luke. He is sweet but doesn’t really pay attention to where he is in relation to where other objects are. Especially when he’s ruff-housing with Hondo, our Red Heeler. So he runs into things. Eventually he ran into our cheap particle board, Walmart, build-it-yourself TV stand enough times that when we tried to move it to shampoo the carpets, it literally fell apart in my hands. Hubby said, “well, I guess we need to get a tv stand,” and I said, “well, I’ve actually been wanting to build one with that driftwood I collected oh so long ago.” I had ideas saved on Pinterest for months! And I finally was able to do it! So the first weekend that it wasn’t raining we stayed home and started building it.

DISCLAIMER: We are not builders. We had no idea what we were doing. This entire project was done by “winging it” and most of it was done by eye-balling it. Measuring would have been nice, except that since the boards aren’t perfectly straight, measuring on one side would have been different from the measurement on the other side.

So, the first thing we did was draw it out, and really all we did was draw something that a second grader would have been proud of. (Like I said, we eye-balled it).

So we put it together, working on it for about 4 weekends, but it took about 2 months to finish because we’ve either been traveling, working, or it’s been raining between.  The console table was complete, but we didn’t have enough driftwood for a shelf so we had to go back out and collect more wood. Once the weather and timing worked out to go back to the lake, we were able to finish the console table the next day.

We are REALLY happy with how it turned out. We are going to get another basket to put onto the shelf (it’s hard to see, but the DVD player is on the shelf too, so only one basket can fit) but otherwise it’s actually a completed project! Go us! All in all, with materials to finish the table (screws, brackets, castors, cedar boards for the backing, stain, and wood conditioner) and baskets (soon to be 5 baskets at $11 each at Walmart-I think these are the ones were bought) we only spent $120 total on this project.

Lesson: Even if you have no idea what you are doing, give it a shot. You don’t know what you are capable of until you try!

What projects have you completed that you were proud of, even though you didn’t know how it was going to turn out while you were doing it? What about completed projects that you aren’t so proud of? 😉


Atlanta Road Trip

Seeing as how I wrote a post about bucket list activities, Hubby and I decided to start crossing a few more things off our list. We normally go on a 7-8 day trip in the beginning of May but this year scheduling conflicts only allowed for a 4 day trip in June. We went to Jamaica for 4 days, which really wasn’t long enough because 2 of those days were travel days, so it didn’t actually feel like we had a vacation.  When we got back we started planning another trip for the end of summer, when Hubby was between summer courses and the fall course.  We had the hardest time deciding where to go! Back to Jamaica? Back to  the Florida Keys, or maybe just Key West?  I know, I know…Talk about a Champagne Problem…But still, it took some serious discussion. Then we decided to do something we had never done, and something we had always wanted to do. Go diving in the aquarium in Atlanta. The Georgia Aquarium is amazing. It’s #1 in the US, and it’s the largest aquarium in the world. The main attraction? WHALE SHARKS.

Two of the Four giants together
Two of the Four giants together

They have 4 whale sharks in a 6.3 million gallon aquarium, along with 2 Manta Rays and about 5,994 other fish, rays, and sharks. The whale sharks were originally rescued from sale to the fish market in Thailand. They had been trapped in a net ready to be sold, when the Georgia Aquarium showed up and purchased the sharks, loaded them up, and literally shipped them via UPS to Georgia. Seriously.

Anyway, we didn’t want to spend the whole time in the car, so we spent the first night in New Orleans. What was supposed to be a 5 hour drive turned into about a 9 hour drive. So much for not spending the whole time in the car. But it was due to unforeseen circumstances. As soon as we got into Louisiana my low tire pressure light came on. And that was bad news, seeing as how I had new tires put on 2 days before. Luckily we were able to find a shop that was open past 5 pm (what a concept!) and he was able to patch the tire. Of course, this was backwoods Louisiana, so the mechanic had never seen a Prius before! He didn’t know how to turn the car on, or put it into park. Hubby had to talk his through it. Then once he got it onto the lift he climbed out of the car and said to his buddies, “this car ain’t got no engine! It runs on battery!”

Once he patched the tire and we were off, we ended up in construction traffic for HOURS. They really have no idea what they are doing in Louisiana. The drivers feel like they have to drive 20 MPH when there is a closed off lane, and the construction crews set up MILES of cones and close off the lane when they aren’t doing anything even remotely close to the area. We ran into this type of traffic probably 3 times. It was awful. We finally got to our hotel at midnight and didn’t even have the energy to leave our room. We ate a quick dinner of sandwiches in our room, had a couple beers that we brought with us, (we travel on the cheap) and went to bed.

Comparing beignets at different cafes in New Orleans
Comparing beignets at different cafes in New Orleans

The next morning we headed to Pensacola, Florida. The idea had been to possibly find a dive shop in Pensacola, but we didn’t really have the time and the weather wasn’t great while we were there either, so we didn’t do much. I took some photos on the beach that night, we did some shopping, and we went for a run the next morning before heading to Atlanta.

Crab and Shrimp Mac-n'-cheese in Pensacola
Crab and Shrimp Mac-n’-cheese in Pensacola
Future Crafting ideas - Pelican made out of driftwood
Future Crafting ideas – Pelican made out of driftwood
Future Crafting ideas - Crab made out of driftwood
Future Crafting ideas – Crab made out of driftwood
Sunset in Pensacola
Sunset in Pensacola
Pier at night in Pensacola
Pier at night in Pensacola

I didn’t get a picture of it, but our hotel in Atlanta was literally next door to Turner Field, where the Atlanta Braves play. I don’t really care about baseball, so that’s probably why I didn’t get a picture, but it was pretty neat, nonetheless. We walked around the stadium, watched a drunk guy stumbling down the sidewalk as he left the game that had just ended, and then headed to the restaurant next door to get some Georgia BBQ. It was good, but of course, it wasn’t nearly as good as The Salt Lick. Texas BBQ always wins.

The next morning we got to the aquarium when they opened and pretty much had the place to ourselves. The first thing we did was head to the giant tank where we would be diving, and we watched as divers fed the whale sharks.

Divers feed the whale sharks krill from a squeeze bottle for training purposes
Divers feed the whale sharks krill from a squeeze bottle for training purposes

It was so neat to watch!

I took SO MANY PICTURES. It’s unreal. But everything was amazing to see, and I wanted to capture it all. Here are a few more shots I took in the aquarium…

We weren’t allowed to bring cameras into the aquarium on the dive, but you can imagine that it was pretty F-ing spectacular. We were able to swim up to the glass and play patty-cake and paper-scissors-rock-lizard-Spock with the people standing on the other side, and get up close to several different species of sharks, rays, and (other) fish. I wanted to pet them SO BAD. One of my favorite things to do is feed the sting rays at various aquariums that offer that, where you can pet the sting rays as long as they allow it. It took all my strength to NOT pet the rays and sharks in the tank, but that was the only rule they had for us on the dive, and I was not about to break the rule and get kicked out of the dive. I was so determined to NOT be the one to end the dive early, that I was trying my hardest to not even breathe while I was down there, for fear of running out of air and causing the dive to be over! For those of you that aren’t divers, when you are diving with a group, you dive until either a certain amount of time has passed, or until the first person is low on air. Once someone signals that they are low on air, EVERYONE in the group has to end the dive, as a safety precaution so that no one gets left behind.

After the dive we headed back to the hotel. We were pooped from being at the aquarium all day. The next morning we got up and headed to Zoo Atlanta. We were some of the first people in the door (again) and headed straight for the panda exhibit! We don’t have pandas in Texas, so we watched the two 2-year-old sisters wrestle in true WWF fashion.

They have a HUGE gorilla exhibit and we got to watch the infant gorillas climb and play while the adults lounged in the grass.

Baby hanging out with Mom.
Baby hanging out with Mom.

We were done at the zoo in the late morning, so then we headed back down to New Orleans for our last night on the road. This time we were spending a night in a super old hotel with a balcony, just a couple blocks from the French Market, in a perfect location.

We went out onto Bourbon Street for a little bit, but honestly, that street stresses me out way too much to enjoy it, so we didn’t spend a lot of time there. We had a drink at the Carousel Bar, then went to Cafe du Monde to get beignets and coffee before heading back to our hotel that night.

Finally, on the last day of our trip, we got up and went to Belle’s Diner for breakfast and hit the French Market for some Christmas and “Thanks-for-watching-our-house” gifts. And we saw Andrew Zimmern filming a new episode of his show!

Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizzare Foods, filming a new episode
Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizzare Foods, filming a new episode
Andrew Zimmern, filming in front of the famous St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans
Andrew Zimmern, filming in front of the famous St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans

All in all, it was a great trip. I was ready to be home and sleep in my own bed and play with my dogs, but I would have been just as happy staying on the road forever. It was so relaxing.

St. Louis Cathedral
St. Louis Cathedral


If you have been wondering why I haven’t posted anything lately, it’s because I haven’t been crafting lately. At all. I made an awesome star out of driftwood that I had been meaning to get done for forever, but the only reason I was finally able to do it is because we had been getting so much rain that we were staying home every weekend so I finally had time to get some work done in the garage.

IMG_4282 (1024x1024)

It came out great, until one of the dogs decided to eat it, so it stayed in the garage a little longer, waiting for me to fix it. I finally did that, and now it’s just waiting for me to hang it in the guest room. Babysteps, right?

I’ve also been working really hard on my photography. It seems like every weekend is turning into a photo shoot, and that’s ok with me! But that also leads to massive amounts of pictures that I don’t have time to edit/organize/delete… Unless I’m getting paid to…

I did a photo shoot for a couple that I know! First we did an engagement shoot, and in a couple weeks I’ll be doing their wedding! It’s my first wedding (officially) and I’m super excited about it. The engagement photos went great.

happy family WMBoots Love-wm hug barn-wm

I was able to buy the new Nikon D750 that I have had my eye on FOREVER and this camera has some awesome ISO capabilities! So basically if we aren’t on the boat, we are out taking photos…And if I’m not out taking photos, I’m at the farmers market selling photos. I’ve done pretty well the last few times I’ve gone, so that means I had to get more prints made, and now I need to spend some extra money and get some frames for my panoramics. I’ve discovered that people won’t buy them because they don’t know where to get a frame. I’m thinking if I frame them, they will be more likely to sell.

I’ve done a few other things that will have individual posts, but really, this is just a post to let you know I’m still alive.

The Dream House Part 1

I have been getting some pretty bad “city claustrophobia” lately, so I figured the best way to treat it is to write down my list of must-haves for my dream house. This will be Part 1 – Still working in Houston. I have a lot of different style dream houses, depending on where I’m living. In the southeast Texas region, a farm house. In the Hill Country, a native rock house. In the desert, adobe. And then of course there is always the true “dream Beach House or Lake House”. But that’s a completely different story…

At the moment since I still need a job the idea is to have a dream house and a job at the same time (I know, boring, but it needs to be realistic, right?). This means I’m not dreaming of this house being on an island or out in the middle of the desert. The city still has to be within an hour’s drive.


First of all, land is a priority. I’m not talking 200 acres, but AT LEAST 2 acres. Preferably 5-10 but I’m keeping the price range in mind. I want to be able to raise chickens and have a huge vegetable garden, and a large enough yard that the dogs can still run and play but be separated from said chickens and garden. And of course, there will be a pony.

And his name will be Lil' Sebastain
And his name will be Lil’ Sebastain


There cannot be a through-way in front of my house. Going past my house will not be a shortcut to get ANYWHERE. I do not want to have my dream house turn into the house in Up, where the city builds around me and I’m too stubborn to sell or move, so it’s just me surrounded by high rises and shopping centers.

In combination of land and access, I don’t want to house to even be visible from the road, for two reasons: security (If the bad guys can’t see a house, they won’t know that there’s one to break into, right?) and if you can’t see the house from the road, you can’t very well see the road from the house then, can you?


I don’t care about attic space (we hardly use our attic anyway), but there will be a barn. A big barn. That way we can have all the storage we need for animal feed (dogs and chickens eat a lot), gardening supplies and tools (big gardens require bigger tools), the boat (keeping that, of course!), and a work/hobby shop. I want enough space to store my 90% completed projects and supplies to start other projects whenever I get around to it, without all that stuff being “in the way”.

Hobby Shop/Barn
Hobby Shop/Barn

Finally, The Farm House:

Farm House
Farm House

Huge porches: We do a lot of cook outs with friends and family, so we need a lot of space to entertain, but only outside. Screw indoor dining. That’s what the recliner is for.

Single story: I’m not cleaning stairs. I’m not walking up and down stairs. I’m not tumbling down stairs in the middle of the night to let the dog out to pee. Not. Happening. (The photo above is a single story-the windows above “open” to the attic.)

Smaller than we have now: We have a 2,200 square foot house right now, and use about 50-60% of the space. And that’s when we have someone spending the night in the guest room. Areas like formal dining AND a breakfast area? Not necessary.

The current setup.
The current setup. Basically, we only use the left and central portions of the house.

Interior Details: I want an actual pantry, instead of a big cabinet like we have now. It’s deep and dark, so you can’t really see what you have. The top and bottom shelves only have things in the front portion because if I utilized the whole shelf I would never see that stuff again. There could be a toddler back there and I wouldn’t be able to see it.

An actual laundry room. We have a laundry “closet”. It’s got those terrible folding doors to close the washer and dryer off from the rest of the room, but our washer and dryer are actually too big for the area, so the doors don’t close correctly. We actually had to take them off and re-hang them differently when we moved in so we could close the doors at all. And they are only held closed by magnets we had to glue onto the tops of the doors. (I know, champagne problem – Oh No! My washer and dryer are TOO BIG to fit in the designated area! It’s still annoying and my next house won’t have that problem.

Mud/Laundry Room
Mud/Laundry Room

A mud room. Somewhere we can drop our stuff when we get home from work and not clutter up the rest of the house. Somewhere I can make the dogs wait to be toweled off, before they run through the house spraying mud and dirt on every surface. And somewhere that has a half-bath so that you don’t have to go traipsing through the entire house to go to the restroom while you are in the middle of doing yard work, but you stepped on a doggy land mine, so now you somehow have to manage to take off your shoes before you pee yourself….you see? This is an easily avoidable problem. The laundry room can even BE the mud room. I’m not picky!

A big kitchen. The kitchen we have now is pretty great, but it’s still a little cramped when more than one person is in there at a time. And since everyone knows that the kitchen is a social place, it needs to have a lot of space. But at the same time, I don’t like the idea of an “open concept” kitchen-living room area. The kitchen can also be a noisy place, and have those two rooms separate really appeals to me.

Beautiful, huge kitchen with room to be social and cook at the same time.
Beautiful, huge kitchen with room to be social and cook at the same time.

While we’re at it, I love Plantation Shutters like in the photo above. We have them in our house now and I love them. They give the windows a classy look and they can stand up to anything. They are easy to clean. They can close for privacy, or they can actually reflect the light (if you have white ones) and brighten up the room when they are open. Perfect for any farm house. And sliding barn doors. I mean, what farm house wouldn’t look perfect with those? So these are details, but they are still things that I think are must-haves 🙂

The perfect barn door to close off the mud room, laundry room, pantry, etc.
The perfect barn door to close off the mud room, laundry room, pantry, etc.

Hard floors. Either wood, stone, or tile. Even stained concrete can look nice if it’s done right. But carpet + dogs is a disaster. And I’m not going through life without dogs. That’s just not an option.

As much as I would like to, I really don’t have the time to renovate a house to make it the way I want it. I would love to pull an Ashley at Domestic Imperfection and just make the house the way I want, but I just can’t do that AND have a job at the same time. And as we already discussed, Dream House #1 is the scenario in which I haven’t won the lottery yet.

These things shouldn’t be THAT hard to find, right? I mean, it’s not like it’s a long list. I should just show this post to our future Realtor and say, “find something to fit this description and I’ll buy it. Easy peasy.”

Birthdays in New Orleans

Hubby and I are exactly 365 days apart and this year he turned 30 so he wanted to do something more than just go out for dinner and drinks with friends. He had never been to Nola before so that’s what he decided to do. I had gone a few times but only with work people during the week so it was VERY different. The benefit though, was that I knew my way around the French Quarter pretty well, which took a lot of stress off of planning.

We got free flights through Southwest Airlines so the trip was relatively cheap, but it was also REALLY quick because the only free flights we could do were Saturday morning and Sunday night. Not much time to spend exploring a new place. We also went during the first weekend of Mardi Gras, so it was much more crowded than I had ever seen, and made the hotels much more expensive. Our solution was to get a hotel outside of the French Quarter, near Lake Pontchartrain. MUCH CHEAPER. For Christmas, a friend of ours bought us what is basically a City Pass. It’s an entrance ticket for the Audubon Zoo, the Aquarium, and the Insectarium, because he knows how much of nerds we are that we basically plan our trips around that kind of thing. However, since our trip was so short, those three things took up A LOT of our time, so we are already planning on going back to see the historical stuff, and do a little more of the French Quarter than we got to do.

We landed in New Orleans at 8 am, and we were walking around the French Quarter by 9. It was really nice because no one was out on the streets yet (well, almost no one. The only people we saw were stumbling home from the night before-yikes). We had the streets to ourselves for actually appreciating the architecture, getting lost looking for Jean Lafitte’s, and find a bistro for some breakfast.

Bubbles show you where the party's at
Bubbles show you where the party’s at – even at 9 am.

Artists line the fence of Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral
Artists line the fence of Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral

We didn’t get to eat at Cafe Du Monde because there was a CRAZY line from all the tourists that were in town for Mardi Gras. Luckily we found another beignet cafe across the street with no line so we were still able to eat beignets while over looking the Mississippi River.

Cafe Du Monde - famous beignets
Cafe Du Monde – famous beignets – Crazy crowded

The zoo was great – they even had a climbing tree!

Beautiful Coastal Oaks make great climbing trees!
Beautiful Coastal Oaks make great climbing trees! But please do not go beyond the sign 🙂

We spent a good chunk of the day at the zoo, planning on hitting Bourbon Street in the late afternoon/evening, so I was able to spend a long time with the Amur Leopards, who were surprisingly active while we were there. I took a ton of photos, but this was my best one.

Tranquil Amur Leopard
Tranquil Amur Leopard

I plan on editing out the chain link fence…one day….

The zoo was great, but it was definitely obvious that we were in Louisiana…

What kind of zoo tells you how to eat the animals here?!
What kind of zoo tells you how to eat the animals here?!
And gives recipes for them???
And gives recipes for them???

And they say Texas is like a whole other country…

Since our flight home was on Sunday night, we spent the rest of the day enjoying the French Quarter and Lake Pontchartrain. Sunday we went to the Aquarium and Insectarium which were both pretty dang cool.

Huge shark tank
Huge shark tank

In this giant shark tank we saw a huge pile of Nurse sharks sleeping on a rock together. We counted 9 sharks! Who knew they were so social.

Dog pile of Nurse sharks....Shark Pile?
Dog pile of Nurse sharks….Shark Pile?
Sea anemone
Sea anemone

Also at the aquarium, they have a huge aviary where you can buy food for the Parakeets. They fly all over you, land in your hair, and try to sneak out by climbing into your purse. Because Parakeets are cavity nesters, there is a sign when you leave to make sure you check your jacket hoods, purses, and backpacks for any stowaways.

Getting attacked by adorableness
Getting attacked by adorableness

At the insectarium there were tons of displays of beautiful beetles and butterflies from all over the world.

Beautiful insect displays at the Insectarium
Beautiful insect displays at the Insectarium

The insectarium is a federal building, so make sure you don’t bring anything in that you can’t bring past airport security, essentially.  It was a great trip and Hubby and I already looking forward to exploring Nola more.

Texas Bucket List

For all you Texans, you get this. You probably have a Bucket List, but then you have a separate Texas Bucket List, for things that every Texan should do. For all you non-Texans, I’m sorry. Hopefully you can get here some day and check all these things off of your list. Luckily there is now a song dedicated to a Texas Bucket List. It’s called My Texas, and it’s by The Josh Abbott Band. There is also a little known guy named Pat Green that sings along with him. You may have heard of him?

Anyway, the list in the song has pretty much everything you need to do in Texas – here is the breakdown.

1. Climb Enchanted Rock    CHECK    At least 4 times

2. Drink a cold Shiner down in Luckenbach    CHECK     Of course I have! And I’ll do it again, too!

3. Take your baby to the River Walk     CHECK     And I’m planning on going in March again!

4. Float the Frio River       CHECK     Used to do this every summer as a kid!

5. Listen to Red Dirt music on the radio      CHECK     Back when I was in high school, we had a good Texas country music station. Not anymore….

6. Eat Cooper’s In Llano*         (sort of) CHECK        I have an * by this, because I have had Cooper’s from Llano, but I haven’t had it IN Llano. They were leftovers a friend brought for me to try

7. Go to the Houston Rodeo    CHECK     Pretty much every year of my childhood, and I showed a steer in Houston

8. Sing “Carry On” at a Pat Green Show     CHECK        I saw Pat Green AT the Houston Rodeo

9. See an Abilene sunset

10. Catch a trout in Port A(ransas)

11. Heard the words to “Corpus Christ Bay”      CHECK      Robert Earl Keen is one of the best – I know all the words!

12. Watch fireworks on PK (I had to look this up, it’s Possum Kingdom Lake)

13. Have a kolache when you go through West*   (sort of CHECK)       Again, the * means I had them when a friend (the same friend who brought me Cooper’s from Llano by the way, brought me some, but I haven’t had fresh ones. Doesn’t matter though – they were still A-MAZ-ING.

14. Heard of the Larry Jo Taylor Fest

15. Go to the Fort Worth Stock Show     CHECK     I showed a steer here too

16. Sing along with Cory Morrow     CHECK      Did this 3 times last year!

17. See a hill country sunset    CHECK      It’s beautiful every time

18. Hike through Big Bend    CHECK      I practically lived there for 6 years while I was in college!

19. Let your hair blow through the Lubbock wind

20. Be somewhere that they call you “friend”    CHECK     I count a lot of places, most of them in Alpine. You always run into someone you know there!

21. Go to the San Antonio Rodeo    CHECK       Showed a steer here too…

22. Sing “Everclear” at a Roger Creager show        CHECK          At least 8 times

23. See an El Paso sunset     CHECK       Best place in Texas to get factory direct boots, but it was quite a drive to get to even when I lived out West. So of course I saw the sunset!

So as you can see, it’s a lot of sunsets and listening to good country music. I’ve done most everything on this list. I think there are a few things that need to be added to it though. See live music at The Salt Lick (and get the Family Style bbq meal. Just trust me on this.), go to Wurstfest in New Braunfels, the Llano Crawfish Open, horseback riding on the beach on South Padre, have a beer on the Front Porch of Terlingua, swim in Jacob’s Well, see a Willie Nelson show, drive down a hill country road to see the bluebonnets at their peak, watch the sunset over Lake Travis at The Oasis, drink cold Texas beer on a hot Saturday night, go 4 wheeling on the Brazos River, eat Huevos Rancheros at Bob’s Taco Station, eat at  ALL of the Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ joints, and go on every brewery tour (this is going to be a hard one, since new breweries are popping up all the time!), smell the wild Mountain Laurel blooming, get a Round Rock donut, go to Pete’s Piano Bar, and climb Guadalupe Peak, the tallest mountain in Texas. Sounds like I’ll be busy, because I have a few more to do. And the things I’ve marked off the list already, I’ll probably do again.

On Earth As It Is In Texas.

DIY Compass Rose Night Stand

This is a step-by-step How To Not Paint a 1970’s Night Stand.IMG_4369

I received two night stands from my sister, That Clever Chick. They were our Great-Grandmother’s night stands, but Dear Sweet Sissy didn’t have any use for them so they were sitting in her garage. I decided to take them and repaint them but hadn’t decided on anything in particular so then they lived in MY garage for a while. Finally, browsing Pinterest, I had come up with a few ideas. This was my original plan, found here:

Map Night Stand

Pretty maps are hard to find. These days, they have bright colors and I just don’t find them appealing. I went to Half Price Books to try to find a map book, but didn’t have much luck. (I also don’t have the patience to sift through their MASSIVE clearance section though, so if you do, give it a try!) I tried printing out some old world maps but they were too small, so instead I decided on a compass rose. It would be simple but still look awesome, and be easy to reproduce, since I have 2 night stands.

First, I tried taking some chemical stripper to them in order to get any finish, stain, or paint off of them. I will let you know now, that I will probably NEVER use chemical stripper again. Even using rubber gloves, I burned myself several times by getting this stuff on my skin. And, just by leaving a used shop towel on the garage floor, it ate the smooth layer off of the concrete on the garage floor. THIS IS SOME NASTY STUFF.

Next, I tried painting the night stands with leftover latex paint. Hubby was sick of the night stands taking up space in the garage, so I was trying to kill two birds with one stone and get rid of some old paint at the same time. Unfortunately the paint wouldn’t stay put. There was a plastic-y 1970s finish on the night stands that prevented paint from sticking to it.

Paint scraping of easily - you can't have that on a night stand!
Paint scraping of easily – you can’t have that on a night stand!

So I decided to power wash them. Fastest way to get paint off of them, right? Well, yes, but it also made a huge mess. There were chunks of latex paint all over the driveway, and the wood didn’t really like it either. There was some splitting of the layers of wood, since it was a composite instead of solid wood (I’m guessing it was in the 70s that the US started cheaping out on quality furniture?) Anyway, I got the paint off as much as possible, and then sanded the rest of the table smooth.

After it was power-washed
After it was power-washed

Then I decided to spray paint the tables. I bought 2 cans (one can for each table, right?) Man, that stuff DID NOT WANT TO COVER. There were patches where I could see the wood even after passing over the same spot several times with the spray paint. I ended up using 1 1/2 cans just for one table. The spray paint also didn’t go on smoothly. I’m not sure if it’s because of the chemical stripper, or because I bought a matte finish, but it’s bumpy. I like to think this will help prevent things from sliding off of the night stand in the future.

one can of spray paint was not enough
one can of spray paint was not enough

Then they stayed in the garage a while longer. One painted, the other one, not. We got busy, the days grew shorter, and I didn’t have a lot of daylight hours at home. So they waited.

Finally, while Hubby was out of town (probably hunting, but by now I can’t remember where he was) I decided enough was enough. I brought the painted night stand into the house and started working. I cut and traced the Compass Rose onto the wood, eye-balling it in the center. Then I started painting it in.

Drawing and Painting the pattern, free-handed with the exception of tracing the outline.
Drawing and Painting the pattern, free-handed with the exception of tracing the outline.

This part went perfectly. So perfectly in fact, that I’m afraid to start working on the other one, because I know it won’t turn out as well at the first one. I have seen this pattern my whole life – Beginner’s Luck turns into junk the second time around.

Blurry, but Finished!
The Final Product
The Final Product

I am thinking that on the other night stand I might put an anchor or something instead of another Compass Rose, but I haven’t decided yet. At this point, January in Southeast Texas doesn’t bode well for outdoor projects, especially painting, so I guess I have some time to decide. What do you think I should do? Below are a few Photoshopped ideas:

Night Stand-idea1 Night Stand-idea2 Night Stand-idea3 Night Stand-idea4

So, all in all, it turned out well, even though there were a few hiccups along the way. Lessons I’m passing on to you: (1) try to avoid using chemical stripper, unless you are wearing a HAZMAT suit; (2) prime every time; (3) buy twice as much spray paint as you think you’ll need; (4) don’t use latex paint on furniture when it has a terrible plastic-y finish on it.

There you go. My experiences have paid off for you again. Learn from my mistakes, and you will be a crafting genius. Everyone will want to know where you got your furniture, and you can just say “I made it.”


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