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Birthdays in New Orleans

Hubby and I are exactly 365 days apart and this year he turned 30 so he wanted to do something more than just go out for dinner and drinks with friends. He had never been to Nola before so that’s what he decided to do. I had gone a few times but only with work people during the week so it was VERY different. The benefit though, was that I knew my way around the French Quarter pretty well, which took a lot of stress off of planning.

We got free flights through Southwest Airlines so the trip was relatively cheap, but it was also REALLY quick because the only free flights we could do were Saturday morning and Sunday night. Not much time to spend exploring a new place. We also went during the first weekend of Mardi Gras, so it was much more crowded than I had ever seen, and made the hotels much more expensive. Our solution was to get a hotel outside of the French Quarter, near Lake Pontchartrain. MUCH CHEAPER. For Christmas, a friend of ours bought us what is basically a City Pass. It’s an entrance ticket for the Audubon Zoo, the Aquarium, and the Insectarium, because he knows how much of nerds we are that we basically plan our trips around that kind of thing. However, since our trip was so short, those three things took up A LOT of our time, so we are already planning on going back to see the historical stuff, and do a little more of the French Quarter than we got to do.

We landed in New Orleans at 8 am, and we were walking around the French Quarter by 9. It was really nice because no one was out on the streets yet (well, almost no one. The only people we saw were stumbling homeĀ from the night before-yikes). We had the streets to ourselves for actually appreciating the architecture, getting lost looking for Jean Lafitte’s, and find a bistro for some breakfast.

Bubbles show you where the party's at
Bubbles show you where the party’s at – even at 9 am.

Artists line the fence of Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral
Artists line the fence of Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral

We didn’t get to eat at Cafe Du Monde because there was a CRAZY line from all the tourists that were in town for Mardi Gras. Luckily we found another beignet cafe across the street with no line so we were still able to eat beignets while over looking the Mississippi River.

Cafe Du Monde - famous beignets
Cafe Du Monde – famous beignets – Crazy crowded

The zoo was great – they even had a climbing tree!

Beautiful Coastal Oaks make great climbing trees!
Beautiful Coastal Oaks make great climbing trees! But please do not go beyond the sign šŸ™‚

We spent a good chunk of the day at the zoo, planning on hitting Bourbon Street in the late afternoon/evening, so I was able to spend a long time with the Amur Leopards, who were surprisingly active while we were there. I took a ton of photos, but this was my best one.

Tranquil Amur Leopard
Tranquil Amur Leopard

I plan on editing out the chain link fence…one day….

The zoo was great, but it was definitely obvious that we were in Louisiana…

What kind of zoo tells you how to eat the animals here?!
What kind of zoo tells you how to eat the animals here?!
And gives recipes for them???
And gives recipes for them???

And they say Texas is like a whole other country…

Since our flight home was on Sunday night, we spent the rest of the day enjoying the French Quarter and Lake Pontchartrain. Sunday we went to the Aquarium and Insectarium which were both pretty dang cool.

Huge shark tank
Huge shark tank

In this giant shark tank we saw a huge pile of Nurse sharks sleeping on a rock together. We counted 9 sharks! Who knew they were so social.

Dog pile of Nurse sharks....Shark Pile?
Dog pile of Nurse sharks….Shark Pile?
Sea anemone
Sea anemone

Also at the aquarium, they have a huge aviary where you can buy food for the Parakeets. They fly all over you, land in your hair, and try to sneak out by climbing into your purse.Ā Because Parakeets are cavity nesters, there is a sign when you leave to make sure you check your jacket hoods, purses, and backpacks for any stowaways.

Getting attacked by adorableness
Getting attacked by adorableness

At the insectarium there were tons of displays of beautiful beetles and butterflies from all over the world.

Beautiful insect displays at the Insectarium
Beautiful insect displays at the Insectarium

The insectarium is a federal building, so make sure you don’t bring anything in that you can’t bring past airport security, essentially. Ā It was a great trip and Hubby and I already looking forward to exploring Nola more.

Home Inprovements #4

Hubby and I have the same birthday. So to celebrate, we usually do one day for me and one day for him, in which we choose something we each want to do. On Saturday, I decided I wanted to be outside taking advantage of the beautiful day and garden!

Don’t judge. I may still be in my 20s but I love to garden and don’t have enough time to do it!

I finally planted my loquat babies, Hubby knocked out a bunch of stumps from those awful builder shrubs, and I repotted some plants that I was neglecting taking such good care of that they were outgrowing their pots!

Also, a couple weeks ago, Hubby planted a navel orange tree and now it already has flowers on it! Yay for yummy oranges!

And since I’m out of town a lot, Hubby likes to keep himself busy. So he built a fire pit in the backyard! Our yard is great for bbqs, and everyone knows I’m going for the cantina vibe, so a fire put that everyone can gather around is a great addition!

And, BTW, I finally painted the backdrop for our dart board, so now we can officially keep score!

Not too shabby for a girl who never has time to do anything at home!






Bucket List

Not too long ago, a couple girls at my office, Zombie and Poltergeist Prevention, Inc. asked me what I was going to do for my birthday. Jokingly, girl #1 said “what are you doing for your birthday? Climbing Mount Kilamanjaro?” And girl #2 agreed with her that we are always adventuring, so there is no telling what our weekends have in store. And again today, I ran into an old friend from high school, and in casual conversation with her boss, whom I had just met, my friend explained to him that we are adventurous people. This is probably one of the nicest things someone has said about me. So it made me think about creating a bucket list.

So, without further ado, and in no particular order other than this is the order I thought of them, my bucket list:

1. Go to South Africa and Kenya for my 30th birthday

2. Climb Mt. Kilamanjaro for my 40th birthday (the girls at work had a good idea!)

3. Dive the Great Barrier Reef

4. Meet Jane Goodall

5. Swim with polar bears!

6. Swim with great whites! (Ok, ok. In a cage).

7. Visit all 50 states of the US

8. Visit every continent (I got this idea from my dad, the Intrepid Traveler, who has almost done this!)

9. Run a marathon

10. Hike the Pacific Crest trail

11. Dive every sea

12. See an octopus in the wild

13. See the aurora borealis

14. See the aurora australis

Now, by no means is this a finite list. I will continue to add to it, and I have already scratched something’s off my list, before I ever really wrote it down.

Like I have hiked the tallest peak in Texas. Twice.

I have been to Alaska and Hawaii, the two hardest states to hit when attempting to hit all 50.

I have been parasailing in the Florida Keys.

I can’t wait to start crossing a few things off my list, so I have room to add more to my list!

What are some things on your bucket list?